I am an Interior Designer and Property Stylist based in the Hills District, just out of Sydney. I have always had a passion for design, and am so fortunate to be doing what I love for a living!

I love colour! and I am not scared to use colour in an interior. I also love to mix pattern on pattern and combine old with new to create a more personal, lived in space. I have a special place in my heart for Denmark after living there for 12 months, and have been heavily influenced by Scandinavian design ever since.

I live with my husband Sam, and our gorgeous little boy Bryton in the Hills District of NSW, Australia. Our house is a constant work-in-progress… I have way too many plans and ideas for our home’s interior, but slowly bit-by-bit in between client projects and family life our house continues to grow and evolve, and I will share each renovation project as they come to life.

I started this blog, as a way to document inspirations, ideas and all the beautiful interior images I come across on a daily basis. The name little NUDGE, was inspired by a combination of the nickname Sam gave me when we first started dating (Nudge) and a reference to the little ‘nudge’ we all sometimes need to push ourselves outside of our comfort zone- whether it be to try a darker colour on a wall or dare to combine multiple patterns within a space.

I hope you enjoy my blog, I would love to hear your feedback!




16 thoughts on “About

    1. Thank you Kim!

      It is so lovely to receive such wonderful feedback like that! It really brightens my day!

      I can’t believe that I had not yet discovered your beautiful blog out there in the bloggersphere, it is gorgeous! I just had a quick look, but couldn’t stop reading, thoroughly enjoyed every post so far… I will definitely be dropping by daily!

      Thanks again,

  1. Good stuff Rochelle, I finally had a bit of time to check it out. Steven and I are just finalising our extension plans so will definately be calling on you for some advice and ideas when the time comes….

  2. Hey! I stumbled upon your blog whilst doing an assignment for my Interior Design and Decoration course at EnmoreDC! It’s beautiful, great stuff.

    1. Hey! Thank you! I started this blog while studying there, loved the course and found this was a great idea to keep track of all the beautiful things I discovered in the world of Interior Design! I’m glad you like it!

  3. Really enjoy reading your blog, so glad I found you! I will be looking forward to reading and seeing more. I am an abstract artist with a love of interior design and color. Cheers!

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