Dado Rail come-back?

Is the Dado Rail making a come-back? Not only the dado rail, but also panel detailing on walls and cupboards seems to be a lot more prevalent in current interiors, or is it simply an interior detail that I have only recently begun to appreciate? I would guess the latter is more the case, as many older … More Dado Rail come-back?

Architecture in Art

‘The artist gazes upon reality and creates his own impression. The viewer gazes upon the impression and creates his own reality’ -Robert Brault   Burj Al Arab- Stephen Wiltshire Ever since seeing Stephen Wiltshire on TV, I have dreamed of one day owning one of his sketches. The detail in his cityscapes are just incredible, … More Architecture in Art

Retail Spotlight- Murobond Makers Market

As I mentioned yesterday, Murobond are running a Makers Market in their Artarmon Showroom. It’s running from the 24th-28th May, 10am-4pm; with hands-on demonstrations daily between 11am-1pm. I ducked out quickly yesterday with my little boy, and found so many things I wished I could take home! Unfortunately, I missed out on any of the demonstrations, … More Retail Spotlight- Murobond Makers Market