Current Obsession – Acapulco Chair

These Acapulco chairs keep catching my eye lately… I have seen so many different variations from the shape to the colour, and they are also no longer purely used as outdoor chairs, but have found their way inside too! At one of the trade shows earlier this year I was pleasantly surprised by just how comfortable these chairs are, making it even more tempting to buy one or 2 to soak up the sunshine in, or bring the sunshine inside!

This iconic design came about in the 1950’s in Mexico, yet no-one knows who the original designer was. There are rumors that it was a french tourist in the 1950’s that designed the chair. After feeling uncomfortably hot sitting on solid chairs on the beach of Acapulco, and inspired by the traditional Mayan hammocks of the area he designed a chair that reflected the tropical, laid-back style.

I love the bold graphic style of this chair, yet it still has a very casual and light feel. Yet another chair to add to my chair obsessed lust list…

via – Lolita

via – Subtlety of Taste

via – Konstantinos

via – Veneer Designs

via – Veneer Designs

Does this chair catch your eye too? Would you use it inside or prefer it outside in the sunshine?
Rochelle xx

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