Favourite Finds Friday- Navajo Style

Ever since starting up my own Etsy shop, I have spent countless hours browsing through different Etsy shops discovering beautiful and amazing products and my collection of favourites keep growing by the day! The thing I love most about Etsy is the variety of one-off, unique hand-made products that you won’t find in the usual bricks and mortar shop- perfect for adding that personal touch at home, or a lovely thoughtful gift for a special someone.

So I thought it was about time I started to share some of my finds with you, with a new (hopefully) weekly feature – Favourite Finds Friday. Each week I will do a wrap up of the fabulous products that have been catching my eye, both on Etsy and elsewhere on the net and where you can find them.

To kick off the first FFF, the products that have been catching my eye lately have had a real tribal/ Navajo feel to them…

1. Dandelion Archival Print – Watercolor Painting by Riva Luna

2. Small Feather Earrings in Burnt Orange and White with Natural Patterns by Sal

3. Wood Sculpture – Wood Art, Chevron Series in an Exotic Wood Frame, 9 3/4 x 9 ¾- by Paintsquare

4. Triangles Removable Throw Pillow Cover– by Leah Duncan

5. Yuchi Zebra Arrowhead Chevron Geometric Tribal Necklace in Black, Metallic Gold, and White- Foudre Blanche

6. Light as a feather art print 8 x10- by Lovely Sweet William


Oooh! and the lucky winner of the Charlee Le More Giveaway was announced on Little Bits of Lovely earlier this week, Congratulations to Courtney! 2 Charlee Le More cushions are on their way!


Have a lovely weekend!

Rochelle xx


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