Time for change- Inspirations for Life!

Happy long weekend! Yes, it’s me, back at long last… I have truly been missing writing my daily blogs, but life has been a little… Crazy? Difficult? Hectic? Different? really not sure which adjective is the most accurate, maybe E- all of the above?

I have been a little lost in the wonderful world of Etsy, not only collecting beautiful items to add to my wish list, but also making changes to my own shop. I have been working on a new cushion design which I will be releasing next week and I am also looking into rebranding both littleNudge and my own interior design business for a brand new, more cohesive look.

On the work front I had a successful night at the first Sydney Etsy market selling my cushions, and will be selling at Creative Lane at the Gaffa Gallery on the 30th June. I also have a couple of Interior Design projects I have been working on, both wanting new kitchens with open plan dining and living spaces, so I have been working closely with Kastell Kitchens who do beautiful high quality Kitchen and joinery fit outs.

Then in the middle of all this, sadly I have separated from my fiancé and have moved out. It has been a big change, not only for me but also our little boy. Luckily things are looking up, and there is a chance we may start dating again in a month or so, but for now I am going to spend some time on me. Maybe a little bit selfish, but I feel I lost a lot of direction over the last couple of years and I have struggled finding the time, energy or motivation to keep blogging. But I have turned a corner now, and I’m ready to take on the world again! It’s time I focus on my dreams, without feeling guilty, and make them happen!

So today I just wanted to share with you some of the blogs and inspirations that have really helped me through, they’re all great to live by, and every now and then we all need that little nudge to get us going again.


The first and the third quotes come from my wonderful friends facebook page, Kate Abdou Design, she has beautiful inspiration every day and is such a supportive friend giving me strength when I needed it and the second and fourth quotes are from the Creative Lane Facebook page.


This lovely post ‘Five simple reminders for choosing happiness’ by Rachel at Little Bits of Lovely really brightened my day.


And I loved this post by Erika from Small Shop Studio about the falsehoods of luck.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and I will see you back here Tuesday refreshed and inspired!

Rochelle xx


2 thoughts on “Time for change- Inspirations for Life!

  1. Hi Rochelle, you have been very brave making such a big and no doubt difficult change. Enjoy building your new future, whatever happens will no doubt be right for you, so follow your dreams.
    All the best
    Bec Robbie

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