Opening Night – Ichijo Display Home

Last Thursday I was invited to the Opening Night of Ichijo Australia’s first display home, the I-smart home, and I have to say I was very impressed… From the modern tiled facade of the house, to the beautifully decorated interior, the attention to detail in the finishes, and the amazing technology used in producing the home, I would happily move in tomorrow! The I-Smart home is all about creating homes with structural integrity, thermal efficiency and high acoustic performance while still maintaining a flexible, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing home, tick, tick and tick!

Firstly a little bit about the Ichijo brand…

Ichijo was established in Japan over 30 years ago, and has already expanded into the US home market before making their way down under (Australia) as they continue to grow, bringing a new holistic approach to the sustainable eco-home market, which is expected to re-define the way Australian home buyers consider what a new home should be. The I-smart home by Ichijo is based around a very clever wall panel system they have developed which consists of 7 layers built around a traditional timber stud frame. With 2 layers of Expanded Polystyrene insulation, Ichijo’s wall system can cut power usage by up to two thirds of the average Autralian home which in turn will save you on your energy costs and reduce CO2 emissions. The wall panel system also integrates double glazed windows which further helps in maintaining a constant and comfortable temperature inside, regardless of the weather outside.

With their focus on creating sustainable and eco-friendly homes, there is not one aspect that Ichijo have not considered. Yet another super clever eco idea that Ichijo can offer is a fully integrated solar paneled roof. The thing I love most about their solar panels is that unlike most solar panels that are mounted onto the roof, and often a bit of an eye-sore, these have been designed and produced to be an un-obtrusive component of the roof, so you wouldn’t even notice if you didn’t know they were there!


I could go on and on about all the technical features of this home, but I know you are all dying to see what the interior of a sustainable home looks like… Oh, one last point I forgot to mention, these homes are mostly constructed in the Ichijo factory, which means there will be no delays in the construction of the home due to weather, and the on-site construction of the home can take as little as a couple of weeks to complete. Now back to the interior… A classic neutral colour palette consisting of greys, whites, charcoal and black was used throughout the home, with bold mustard yellow accents used to highlight different areas of the home in the perfect balance. With sleek modern furnishings, bold accent lighting, it’s the added decorator items and attention to detail that have given the home a real lived in quality.

You will have to excuse my dodgy iphone photos, but they were the best I could do with a wine in hand!


I love the way the bookshelf has been styled in the living room – just enough to add character, without being cluttered, overdone, or boring, and don’t you just love the chair!

This space would normally be the dining area, and opens out to a lovely alfresco area to the left. The void above gives the space a lovely airy feel and adds drama with the large pendant lamp.

Terrible photo, but I just love the way the light throws shadows onto the walls. Unfortunately this photo does not do any justice for this lounge area! It is a perfect example to show you don’t need a lot in a room to make an impact. I loved the combination of textures in this space, the chunky knit throw, the velvet cushions and the textured wool rug, and I love the simplicity of the black panel at the bottom of the curtains to make an impact.



A very stylish looking study upstairs, but think I’d find myself on the chaise reading magazines instead of working…





Can you believe this is the en suite! I just love the freestanding tap!

If you want to have a look at the house for yourself, you can find it at 7 Cardell Road, Kellyville. It’s part of the new HomeWorld, Kellyville. Ichijo will be adding more of their I-Smart homes at both HomeWorld, Kellyville and HomeWorld 7, Camden by the end of the year, so watch this space! For more info you can check out their website here .

Rochelle xx

And I forgot to mention one of my Charlee Le More cushions featured on a guest post by Libby on Brandi Girl Blog, check it out here.


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