Still Loving… Leaning Mirrors

Leaning mirrors against a wall is still a look that I adore. I think there is something so grand about a large, oversized mirror leaning against a wall, especially with a beautiful ornate frame be it a gold, bone inlay or hand-carved timber…

Mirrors have for a long time been a favourite tool used by decorators in helping to create the illusion of more space, and adding depth to a room. They also help to bounce light around a room, and can be a beautiful focal point, especially big oversized mirrors. Think your space is too small to handle a giant leaning mirror, you would be surprised what an oversized piece can do in helping to make a room appear more spacious, not only that, but they don’t take up a lot of floor space either. One of my favourite things about a leaning mirror, though often overlooked, is the different view they reflect of the space… Perfect for drawing your eye upwards to a beautiful chandelier, and even better is that you will not be staring directly at yourself while sitting and eating your dinner, or each time you walk past unlike wall hung mirrors, creating a more relaxed feel.

I’ve rounded up some of my favourite spaces with leaning mirrors, to help you make up your mind about this look. With so many different looks it seems a leaning mirror can work in just about any space, with any style of mirror.

via – Ernashus

via – Design Indulgences
via – DecorPad 

via – DecorPad 


 via – Belle Maison

 via – Belle Maison

 via – Design Candy


 via Emily A Clark

via – DRG Interiors Etsy Shop
 via – The Lennox

So what do you think of this look? My favourite spaces are most definitely these last 2, glamorous yet bold, aren’t they divine! I also love the idea of placing an item of furniture in front of the mirror, whether it’s a low bench seat or a console table, an idea I just can’t get out of my head for a space at my parents house…

Rochelle xx


3 thoughts on “Still Loving… Leaning Mirrors

  1. Leaner mirrors could possibly be the last effect which brings a room to life with its large reflecting surface, creating the trick of additional space and also filling a room with additional lighting and elegance.

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