Colourful Week, Colourful Interiors…

My week so far has been full of colourful moods… I have felt a little blue, as I stare at what seems to be a never-ending list of things to do….

via – Finch and Hawk on Etsy (Unfortunately this shop is closed while Erin is on maternity leave)


I have been extremely green with envy as I catch up on reading some of my favourite blogs and all the fabulous interiors… Check out my favourites on the side for some wonderfully talented designers out there juggling careers, family and social lives as well as regular and fabulous blogs – I hope to one day be able to juggle as well as they do!

via – Belle Maison


I have also seen a little red this week, when things aren’t quite going as planned….

via – Flickr

As much as I am not a fan of these posters (they just seem to be everywhere!) it has certainly encouraged me to keep doing what I’m doing, it will all pay off eventually! Right?


And I have spent a lot of time with rose-coloured glasses on looking at all the beautiful wedding inspiration out there!

Some fab photography by Ballie Photography


So to finish off my colourful week, I thought I’d share some fabulous rainbow inspired interiors. You know how much I love colour!

 via – Urban Kaleidoscope


via – Strawberry Roan


via – The Design Files


via – Susan E Brown Interior Design


via – Home Furniture Catalogs


These bright rooms have certainly brightened my day! How about you?

Rochelle xx


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