Designer Spotlight – Lisa Rodden

I am slowly starting to catch up and find some sort of routine… Even found some time to finally read a little of the April issue of Australian Home Beautiful the other day, if you have not read it yet, as always it’s full of great stories and decorating ideas. But today I wanted to share with you the work of a super talented Australian artist, who features in this issue, Lisa Rodden.

It truly is amazing what Lisa can do with some paint and thick card stock! I actually discovered her work late last year, while in Koskela in Surry Hills… I remember not being able to take my eyes off the large framed artwork as I walked past, and it slowly morphing and changing as I went. The intricate detail of her work is amazing! The way the colours show through the cuts and the way the bent paper plays tricks on your eyes is mesmerising, so when I came across the story featured in Home Beautiful, I was so excited to see the process behind Lisa’s art and just had to share!

Lisa gave up her career in banking to pursue a career as an artist, with the encouragement of her husband, and it has certainly paid off for her. With artists in the family, it seems only natural that Lisa should follow her passion to the creative world of painting, sculpture and drawing. Her latest collection of art combines all 3 of these elements, as Lisa sketches her designs, before cutting, bending and painting to create these fabulous 3D artworks!

Don’t you just love her workspace! Such a creative space with colour swatches she has painted for her reference, images that inspire her and samples of her work. As you can see, Lisa is also a very talented still life artist from the flower painting on her desk.

I was amazed to read that it can take over a year to get the composition right for one artwork, depending on the design, “The design is the hardest part – a picture can look fabulous in drawing form but once you cut it, shadows appear and it changes completely” says Rodden.

All the experimentation with colours, cutting and folding most certainly pays off when you see the finished product! Here are a few of my favourites from her website.

This last one really puts a smile on my face! Who would have known you could do all this with paper and paint? Are you loving this fabulous artist as much as I am right now? There are soo many others that I would love to show you, but you will just have to pop over to her website here, and have a look for yourself!



Rochelle xx

Image Credits – first 4 Australian Home Beautiful April Issue, the rest – Lisa Rodden


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