DIY Scrapbooking Calendar

Wow! I can not believe how quickly this past week has flown by! Firstly I want to apologise for the lack of posts recently… The good news for me is that I am currently working on 2 kitchen projects, for 2 lovely clients! (I will share some inspiration for these projects later in the week) These projects are keeping me very busy during the day, while I am still making a few adjustments to Charlee Le More in my spare time, (even had a couple of sales last week!) followed by a mad rush at the end of the day to then organise dinner and catch up with the boys before I collapse in front of the tv. (terrible habit that needs to be vanquished!) So it seems I am not yet adjusted to a full working week… Hopefully I will soon learn to juggle it like my favourite bloggers out there, that never miss a beat!

Today I just want to very quickly share with you a little crafty DIY project I made with Bryton last weekend – March Calender.

For some reason I never got around to buying a calender this year, then spent the last couple of weeks of February looking for the perfect one. Sadly there was not much left to choose from, and in a house with 2 males, I think I would have been shot if I had bought home a floral or kitten Calender (which was about all that was left). So instead I decided to pull out the scrapbooking papers and card, and get crafty, and this is what we came up with…

I actually had everything I needed at home, so it didn’t even cost me a cent! Here is what I needed…

Mount board, coordinating scrapbooking papers and card, a cutting mat, ruler, pencil, scissors and a knife. (I forgot the ribbon!)

To make this I simply stuck down one whole sheet of scrapbooking paper, then a coordinating card beside it to divide up the weekdays and weekends. I cut 4 x 5cm rectangles out of 2 different coloured cards for each day of the month. For the days and year I found a font I liked on the computer and printed them onto white card and then cut to size. (4cm wide again) Then using the same font I printed the letters for March, which I then traced onto my scrapbooking card and cutout.

Once everything was cutout and ready I started laying it all down on the background, and when we were happy with it Bryton stuck them all down for me… I really had to let go of my OCD and live with them not being perfectly aligned, but in the end I kind of like the skewed misplaced look. Last but not least I wrote the numbers on each of the rectangles, punched a couple of holes and attached some cute ribbon to hang it up!

This is a very simple project, you can easily tailor it to suit your style and decor, these colours are perfect for our house – see our wallpaper in the background, I love these colours, and they work beautifully with the timbers in our house. I know some of you may be thinking it is a lot of work for one month, but Bryton had fun making it with me, so we will just have to make one every month now and have some special mother and son time.

Rochelle xx


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