Key Look #2 – Olde World Collector

Today I am going to share with you the second key look that I spotted a lot of during my days of trawling through the latest products at trade shows this week- I am going to call it Olde World Collector. Again, while we have seen this look around, it seems to only be gaining popularity here in Australia, with suppliers stands packed full of furniture and decorator items reminiscent of ye Olde World.

This look is a much darker than the French Industrial look I showed you yesterday… Think heavy leather Chesterfield sofas, chunky steamer trunk coffee tables, lots of dark timber cabinetry and panelling, library shelves full of leather-bound books, and then to soften it up the finer details such as framed butterflies, glass domes displaying personal collections, aged world maps and globes and a soft alpaca throw. The Olde World look is all about appreciating history- choosing an old worn leather sofa over a smooth new one, and leaving the little imperfections that add character in the timber sideboard rather than restoring it. Also a love of collecting things, whether it’s old medicine bottles, framed butterflies or beetles, or even old wooden spools. This look also works really well paired with mid-century furniture for a slightly more modern eclectic take, as seen in the first 2 images…

via – Desire to Inspire

via – Context Interiors

via – Florence Find

via – Velet Moon Diaries

via – Etsy

via – Pinterest

As you can see this look can be interpreted in a number of different ways, the key to keeping the old world charm is to edit out anything that is too modern and flashy, remember it is all about appreciating old things and the stories that can be told from an aged piece of furniture- who may have owned it, what was it used for?…

Key elements to make this work include

– leather (preferably aged) in colours like cognac, chestnut and tan

– rich timbers, especially furniture with carved detailing

– heavy trunks or vintage suitcases

– Victorian style rugs and hall runners

– collections, whether it is a collection of old globes, old wooden spools, model planes, boats or staircases? (strange but true! See photo 4) or collections under glass domes…

– and don’t forget to add art! Botanical prints, marine prints, old maps, framed butterflies or other insects…

So if you don’t mind a bit of organized clutter, or love to collect things this look may just be for you! This still is not my favourite of the 3 key looks… You will have to wait till Monday to see favourite!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Rochelle xx


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