Key Look #1 – French Industrial

While wandering around the trade shows this week, I spotted 3 key looks that still seem to be prominent here in Australia right now. You will most likely have already seen these looks here and there on blogs and in magazines, possibly you already have some of the key pieces in your own home, or maybe you have been thinking about re-styling a room in your home based around one of these looks. Either way, after seeing so many products that fit into these key looks I think I’m safe to say that they are here to stay a little longer. I am going to spread these 3 looks over the next 3 days, and break down each look for you with examples, key pieces and ways you can create each look in your home.

Today I am going to start with the French Industrial Look.

While the French Industrial look has been around for a while now, it seems here in Australia we just can’t get enough! I saw countless stands displaying furniture and decorator items that are perfect for bringing this look into your home, and I have to say it is growing on me… The look combines the soft and feminine French Provincial look with rough and heavy industrial pieces. It really is the best of both worlds, with the soft luxurious comfort of natural fibres and stripped back timber, contrasted against the heavy angular lines of industrial furniture. Being a look that has been inspired by 2 different styles means that you can quite easily pick your favourite elements from each and combine it to create your own unique style. Still not quite sure? A perfect example would be a traditional French Louis side chair + Industrial hessian bags = French Industrial. Keeping the refined shape of the french Louis Chair, but with a raw/ worn timber finish and industrial style hessian.

And some interiors with a French Industrial style….

via – House Revivals

via – DecorPad

via – Plum Tree Studio

via – Willow Bee Inspired

via – Dusty Lu


Some of the key pieces that will help make this look work include

– a slip wash cover for your sofa in a light neutral colour

– hessian or french script style throw cushions

– a jute or sisal rug

– heavy industrial style furniture such as a trolley style coffee table, or chunky timber dining table

– large industrial style pendant or even tripod lights

– fine carved detailing on doors, fireplaces or furniture

– steel furniture such as the Tolix stool or cafe style chairs

The trick to making this look work is to keep to a very neutral palette, with minimal colour. Think grayed blues, whitewashed timber, off whites and light greys, balanced with small doses of black and iron for some depth and contrast. Use natural materials such as linen, hemp, cotton and jute, and layer the room with different textures. Creating a harmonious interior is all about editing and finding the right balance. A great trick when selecting items to go in the space is to ask yourself… does this look french? does it look industrial? and if it is neither, put it down!

So do you like this look? It is a very peaceful and serene style, and I like the way the french influence can soften the sometimes cold industrial look, but it is not my favourite of the 3 looks… Drop by tomorrow to see the next key look I spotted this week, I’m sure you will love it!


Rochelle xx


3 thoughts on “Key Look #1 – French Industrial

  1. beautiful images Rochelle – thank you. Looking forward to tomorrow’s post with curiousity now.. thanks.

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