Glamorous Skulls?

These Rams Head coffee table have me in a spin! more and more are popping up in glamorous interiors, on blogs and in magazines all over the place. I remember the first one I spotted, it featured in an article on Jessica Marx’s fabulous home, Rue magazine- issue 5. Jessica had found the stylish rams heads at a flea market, and they worked perfectly in her living room paired with her parents vintage Chesterfield and that stunning Chartreuse coloured high gloss console… (Which reminds me I must find time this weekend to read the latest issue of Rue!)

via- Rue Issue 5


This photo popped up over at Mix and Chic last week…


I swear I have seen many more recently, but silly me forgot to bookmark them….  Now the thing that has got my head in a spin, is not only the fact that I am actually liking something skull-like, nor it is the beautiful simplicity or the myriad of interiors this coffee table can work in, but I have been searching high and low to try to find out who and when this coffee table was designed! And can you believe it, I can not find a thing! This style of coffee table has been dated back to the 1970s, though I did find one or two suggestions that they may have been around in the 1960s? Other than that all I was able to find were vintage/ antique and new replica rams head coffee tables for sale… If anyone happens to know a little more about these coffee tables, I would love to hear it!

In the mean-time, I will just enjoy drooling over the beautiful interiors I have found them in… Enjoy!

via- Design Crisis


via- the Peanut Gallerie 


via- the Goods Design 


via- Diva Style


via- New American Luxury


via- House Beautiful


One thing I did discover while searching for answers and more photos, was that some of these are in fact in the shape of an Ibex head, and commonly mistaken for a rams head, so how about that!

How do you feel about this look? Are you also secretly jealous of all these people with fabulous tales of finding them at flea markets, or would you rather they stay hidden?


Rochelle xx



4 thoughts on “Glamorous Skulls?

  1. The original design was by Léon François Chervet, this versions are rare and are signed on the ear. There are numerous different versions that appear in the US, some are cast aluminum painted assorted colours like gold,brown,bronze and I’ve even seen grey. Some are brass or bronze. There are bookends,coffee tables and dining tables. I’ve bought and sold all three and at this point I’ve had two different types of bookends, 5 different coffee tables and two different dining tables. I am a very big fan of this design and think they make great feature tables. I sell mid-century design through a website in case you ever want a look…you can contact me through there if you have any questions or need photos. Regards, Killian.

    1. Thank you Killian! I think I had actually seen that name pop up, but wasn’t sure if he was the original designer or not, especially as I had noticed slight variations of the design all over the place.
      I love this design and would love to have one of the coffee tables one day…. I will have to keep an eye out, but don’t like my chance of finding one here in Australia!
      Thank you so much for the info! I will definitely check out your store, even if it’s just to drool and dream…

  2. I just sold one to a person in Melbourne Australia…so there is definitely one in Oz…might be a few years before it makes the thrift shops though.

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