Jewellery Display Ideas

Oh how I love jewellery! and unfortunately for Sam I am a girl who believes you can never have too much! I’m sure many of you are nodding your head and smiling, as you think of all your treasures and maybe even secret stashes… (I know I have a few that have never been worn, like a gorgeous gold looped Mimco chain that just has not found the right outfit to go with… ooops!) But as much as I always see gorgeous jewellery that I just have to have, I think I only wear about 10% of my jewellery regularly! Some of it forgotten about in jewellery pouches in my dresser drawer, others not on hand for me to grab as I race out the door! If you remember, most of my jewellery is packed away in different boxes, which I love, but sadly out of sight out of mind means I often rediscover long-lost jewellery when I do take the time to look through the boxes!

This is one corner of our dresser table… The gorgeous Asian jewellery box was a bargain find at the markets in Hong Kong, the stainless steel George Jensen ‘Spinner’ box was a gift from Sam and the vintage leaf tray was another great bargain find while away with girlfriends last year… I don’t think I could let go of any of these, but still need more storage-preferably out on display so I can see it! This has got me thinking… How do other people store, display and organise their jewellery?

There are so many creative ideas out there for beautiful jewellery display, (it also helps when they are covered with lust-worthy jewellery!) so I thought I would do a bit of a round-up of some of my favourites! If you are still wanting more, then most of the images come from posts on jewellery display ideas- but be warned you may get lost in all the beautiful ideas (like I did) and hours will fly by without you knowing! 

The best thing about most of these ideas is that they are easily something you can create yourself! Whether it is a row of hooks, or old door knobs to hang your necklaces, and we’ve all seen the old picture frames with chicken wire to hook necklaces, or wallpapered back and pins to hold your shimmering treasures, but what about using a bust or mannequin to display your necklaces? I’ve also seen tree branches painted and hung on the wall… So many creative ideas! Enjoy!


via- High Strung Beads


via- High Strung Beads


via- Design Sponge


via- Art Bead Scene


via- House to Home


via- House to Home


via- Room Envy


via- Mojo Made



I really love the wallpapered box idea, and the simplicity of the branch above. Have you got a favourite? or have you got your own clever way of showing off your precious jewellery? Please share!


Rochelle xx





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