The Fabulous Martyn Lawrence Bullard!

I have to admit I have a little bit of a secret crush… Well, maybe not so secret now that I am telling you, so let’s call it a celebrity crush instead – on who else, but the fabulous Martyn Lawrence Bullard! Silly I know, but I felt like such a giddy little school girl when I saw him at the Decoration and Design trade show in Sydney last week. I spent all day at the show both Wednesday and Thursday, sourcing out new products, seeing the new ranges from my favourite suppliers, and trying to spot the latest trends, but I have to say meeting Martyn Lawrence Bullard was by far, the highlight of both days! On Wednesday I purchased his book, Live, Love & Decorate, lined up with all his other adoring fans, to get my copy signed, along with a quick photo and chat… I felt like a giddy little school-girl and could not even think of any interesting questions I wanted to ask! Of course, I can think of plenty now…. Who has been your favourite client?  Have you had any great disasters when something has not gone to plan? Who would be your dream celebrity client? Typical isn’t it!

Gorgeous handwriting!


Then on Thursday I went along to his seminar on creating superstar interiors… Martyn has such an amazing charisma, it was wonderful listening to his stories of each of his celebrity clients, and seeing the beautiful interiors he has created for them. If you are not familiar with Martyn Lawrence Bullard, below are some of the beautiful interiors from his latest book… Live, Love & Decorate has been brilliantly sectioned into chapters for each celebrity, coupled with a short introduction on how he met each celebrity, and a little bit about each project.

Your home should reflect your personality and your lifestyle, and while there are definitely some decorative elements that can be seen through each project – such as the ethnic antiquities or the mix of old and new (true Martyn style) each space also reflects the clients personalities. From Tamara Mellon’s highly glamorous New York apartment, to Cher’s fantasy villa in Malibu, Martyn has designed for some of the biggest celebrities, and while he didn’t share his secret I believe there are 3 key points to being a succesful designer, and Martyn lives by all 3…

1. Listen to your client

This gorgeous Hollywood villa is where Ellen Pompeo and her family live. A casual relaxed style was created to reflect the laid-back family, for an extremely comfortable looking space. Very stripped back and restrained in the decorating, (compared to his other projects) nothing in this house looks too precious, letting the architecture of the historic villa take the spotlight.


2. Attention to detail

This vivid green in Elton Johns Hollywood Home was inspired by Kelly Bag Green in a waxed Venetian Galice finish, while the coffee table is also a fully refrigerated bar!  Ooooh! And did I mention the platinum leaf ceiling! Yes, that’s right! The ceiling has been gilt with platinum leaf, for a beautiful (and expensive!) shimmering effect!

Martyn selected low-line sleek furniture in a neutral palette so as not to compete with the view, using luxurious textures and finishes to express Elton’s glamorous personality. The onyx coffee tables were designed by Martyn and are backlit, creating a beautiful glow at night reflecting the glittering city lights.


3. Love what you do

Now, how could you not love what you do travelling the world and sourcing amazing antiques for glamorous clients such as Cher (the ethnic bedroom) and Tamara Mellon – founder and designer of Jimmy Choo (the image above is of her daughters bedroom.)

Martyn Lawrence has also gone on to create his own line of fabrics, rugs, furniture and even candles. If you love what you have seen so far his book is worth every penny, or you can see more on his website here.


What do you think? Do you love his style? It was so hard to narrow which of his stunning interiors to show you! I feel very privileged to have met and listened to Martyn speak, and so excited to have learnt something from my brief encounter with the fabulous Martyn Lawrence Bullard!


Rochelle xx


2 thoughts on “The Fabulous Martyn Lawrence Bullard!

  1. I meet Martyn today in Melbourne and he was very charming. Just as I expected from the TV show, but also inspiring. Its always great to hear interesting stories and be inspired. You certainly can tell he loves doing what he does. Jealous that I didn’t get to Sydney to hear the seminar but thanks for your post.

    1. Thank you! I would love to see his show, buy we don’t have pay tv, it’s shows like this that make me wish we did! Will have to settle for his book and seminar- as you said, charming and inspiring!

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