Designer Spotlight – Kyle Bunting

Get ready to say ‘wow’! Kyle Bunting has completely reinvented the way the cow hide is used in interiors.

If, like me, you don’t mind a touch of cowhide to upholster a bench seat, but maybe not so keen on the ‘au naturale’ cowhide rug on the floor, then wait to you see the incredible range of products Kyle Bunting has created out of cow hide… From rugs and wall coverings, to upholstery and inlaid furniture, not to mention the stunning patterns and colours! Based in Austin, Texas, the company has completed thousands of projects throughout the world, and are renowned for their quality and style. They are even able to custom make to suit the colours and size required for each client, that is if you can’t find anything from their huge and fabulous range!









All images via the Kyle Bunting website 


I am in love… I just can’t pick a favorite! How about you?

If you want to see more, check out the Kyle Bunting website here, but be warned, hours can be lost drooling over their cowhide creations!


Rochelle xx


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