Unusual Architecture – by Javier Senosiain

Well I am really looking forward to climbing into bed tonight… Sam and I started the task of repainting all the exterior trim on our house today. I am so happy with the way the colours have turned out, and can’t wait to get the second coat on, then I will have the horrible task of stripping back and re-paining the front door. If you recall a while back I did a post on front door colours, (here) well I did actually go ahead and paint the door, unfortunately I was  not happy with the outcome which is why I have not shared a photo. I did dare to try a bold shade of aqua, but as I suspected it was a little too bold for our house. So soon it will be a safe, yet dramatic navy instead, and Sam will no longer be able to call it the ‘Hobbit’ door!

Anyway, I came across this incredible house while web hopping today, and just had to share! There are rumours that this is Sachin Tendulkar’s (an Indian cricket player’s) house, though other websites begged to differ, so I am a little confused… Though I do know the house, Nautilus, is located in Mexico City and was designed by Mexican architect Javier Senosiain of Arquitectura Organica. Clearly inspired by a snail or a shell, I just love the asymmetrical organic shape, and the large coloured glass wall is incredible! I can not stop staring!


all images via Trendir


An incredible house, not necessarily a house that I could live in, but imagine having this as a holiday house! (now I’m really dreaming, right?) For more incredible organic houses by Javier Senosiain click here, his work reminds me a lot of Gaudi’ work… Organic shapes, concrete and mosaic tiles, what do you think?


Rochelle xx


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