Decorating with maps…

We recently cleaned out the study and finally threw out a whole stack of old city maps. You know the ones, you pick them up while you’re traveling, the concierge gives them to you with circles where the best restaurants are or directions to the markets etc… Then they fly back home with you, you hang on to them for years, reminiscing and dreaming of returning to Rome, Barcelona etc… Then finally a day comes along when you’re in a cleaning frenzy and you decide there’s no point keeping the maps. Besides, by the time you return to that city there will be new, updated maps and new recommendations from your concierge, so why keep them right?

I am now wishing we had’ve held on to them! Look at all these fabulous spaces that have been decorated with maps! And wouldn’t it just be so much better if it was a map you had used and scribbled on while travelling, rather than a shop bought poster?

via Belle Maison


via We heart it


via Visualise


via Mix and Chic


via Kara Paslay Designs


via Belle Maison


via Haute Indoor Couture


via Elle Decor


via Love of Interiors


via Home Edit


via Boho Deco Chic


via Doesn’t cost the Earth Interiors


So many ways to use maps to lift a room! I would love to copy the framed hearts idea! I am really kicking myself now… Oh well, maybe it’s time we went on another holiday? Check out my Pinterest page, The Traveller for more map inspired interiors.


Rochelle xx


2 thoughts on “Decorating with maps…

  1. Just found your site while looking around for inspiration on using maps for decorating my son’s bedroom. Great images – I feel totally inspired…thanks.

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