Things that made me smile…

A quick belated post today! It still feels like it’s Sunday night right now… Can’t believe tomorrow is hump day already, hopefully tomorrow I will catch up with what day it is? I just quickly wanted to share with you some things that have made me smile the last couple of days, and hope you may smile too!

Watching my boys in the garden over the weekend… What ever Daddy does, his little shadow has to copy, I just love it! I just wish I took some photos!

Beautiful Places… We went to visit friends overnight, the drive down their street is so picturesque, and this is actually a photo of their driveway taken in Autumn by Ken Duncan. It’s still just as beautiful now with a leafy green canopy. 

Good friends…. can’t forget the wonderful friends we caught up with! We celebrated a birthday, drank good wine and ate good food with lots and lots of laughs!

And here are a couple of images I came across on pinterest that made me smile…

Rochelle xx


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