Boys Bedroom inspiration…

I am under pressure to pick a colour for Bryton’s bedroom… It seems the domino effect is in full swing, Sam removed a couple of self-supporting shelves that needed to be fixed, they left holes in the wall, the holes have been patched, and now we need to repaint the wall. I have been thinking for a while it was time we changed things around in Bryton’s room, the colour has been the same since he was born, and the only thing to change since then was the addition of a bed and toy box replacing the cot and change table. Really sad considering how much I love decorating!

The one colour that keeps popping to mind is a deep olive-green, only problem is I have not come across any new quilt covers that I love, or that are not red, white and blue! (seems they are the only colours little boys should like?) I am really trying to steer clear of any quilt covers with monsters or pirates or aliens etc, as I think he will grow out of them too quickly, so I have been desperately trying to find inspiration and a new quilt so I can choose the wall colour! The one thing I keep coming back to is stripes! Whether it be stripes painted on the wall, a striped quilt or a striped rug, but I’d better make a decision soon, Sam is on a mission and is going to paint whether I’ve chosen the colour or not it seems! Here are some of my favourite boy bedrooms I have come across so far…

via Style Your Life

I love the vibrant colours and the wall art


via imagine living

Gorgeous colour and Bryton does LOVE planes…


via Oh Dee Doh

Great feature wall and simple colour palette


via Desire to Inspire

Creative and eclectic


via Restoration Hardware

Too old for Bryton, but stylish


via I Heart Organising

 love the stripes!


via Artsy Annie

 Bright and Cheery!


via I Heart Organising


via ? (I couldn’t find the original link – from my pinterest board Boy Zone

I love the addition of typography to adding some interest to the corner of this room! Thinking, thinking….


So many beautiful rooms! Which was your favourite? I will have to spend a bit of time sketching things up over the weekend so Sam can get painting before he heads back to work! I would love to do something really creative, but the only things we are looking at changing this time around are the walls, quilt cover and maybe some curtains or blinds. I think I can also get away with some new art for the walls… We’ll see! I will keep you posted!


Rochelle xx


5 thoughts on “Boys Bedroom inspiration…

  1. Hey! Im expecting first boy in april so know what u mean! Im going a metallic brown wallpaper with white feature wall that has beige and silver brown leaves..nature and touches of green round room. but totally agree dont want to vomit planes or sport over room or alllllll blue!! It is hard!!

    1. Thank you for your lovley comments!
      Congratulations Candice, very exciting news! By the sounds of it your nursery is going to be a beautiful space for your little one, and with such a neutral scheme it will be easy to adapt as he grows.
      Thanks for the extra inspiration Diana, I love the bold colours you chose for your sons room.
      Off to the drawing board for me now!

  2. Horizontal stripes on the walls look awsome… I also love the big letter in the last pic! – I can just picture a big green ‘B’ 🙂
    Jess B K

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