New Years inspiration – Zaha Hadid

Happy New Year! I trust you all had a fabulous New Years Eve? Ours was a very low-key celebration with family this year, after our journey down to Melbourne for Christmas. It is actually quite relaxing being back at home at last, but I will be snapped back to reality tomorrow as I drop our little boy off at daycare…

So have you made any New Years Resolutions this year? I have never been a big believer in New Years Resolutions, guess I was never very good at sticking to them, but this year I really want to get back into some regular exercise, try to limit all the goodies I was snacking on while studying, and the big one, is to trust my instincts. Bring on 2012! A brand new slate – time to dream BIG!


Big, like Zaha Hadid! These seemingly impossible towers were designed by Zaha Hadid for the business district of Dubai. Consisting of 3 bending towers which will be used for office, hotel and residential, construction began in 2006, and is still in progress…

I’m inspired and ready for the new year! Are you?


Rochelle xx


image credits- Zaha Hadid




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