Bargain finds!

I just want to quickly share with you a couple of my finds from my weekend away with a few girlfriends… We had a fabulous time, and I am feeling revived and refreshed, and ready to take on the world again! We stayed in a gorgeous little villa on the Central Coast, just a few small steps from our back patio was the pool and a short walk was the beach – though we didn’t make it that far! We spent the days searching through op shops and the markets, followed by gourmet food and cocktails! There were a couple of retro/ vintage items that I am kind of regretting that I did not buy, so there may be another drive up there soon with fingers crossed they haven’t been snatched up already….



This cute metal leaf dish has now found its home on top of my wooden jewellery box from Hong Kong. It’s the perfect size to put my earings and rings in, and you will never believe me when I tell you I only paid a dollar for it!


And this gorgeous little set I picked up for a bargain! These are from Peru, I am hoping to get there one day and see the Inka ruins, until then I have these to look at! I’m not quite sure where they are going to live… they look great against the white gloss unit and dark navy wall, but I am a little worried about little fingers reaching them here… Will need to work out how to polish them up nicely, it is real silver on the smokey glass, and a couple are a little tarnished, but I just could not resist! If anyone has any tips on cleaning items like this I would love to hear your advice!


Rochelle xx

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