My Current Obsession – Glamorous Gold

I was going to share with you a round-up of Christmas gift ideas today, but there are just so many out there at the moment, I thought you might need a break… I know I do! I will confess that like the junk mail catalogues that you hate cluttering up your mailbox, yet secretly love to flick through, I am loving every magazine, blog and newspaper gift guide. Only problem is, it is just reminding me that there are only a few short weeks till Christmas and I have not even started my Christmas shopping yet! Worse yet, even with all the fabulous gift guides I have come across, I still have no idea what to buy my loved ones… How are you going with your Christmas Shopping? Are you like my organised sister and have already bought everything? Or will you be doing a last-minute rush like me?

At the moment I have glittery, glamorous gold on my mind… Tis’ the party season after all!

Golden baubles, sequined dresses, and shimmering fairylights….


La Dolce Vita




But there’s no reason you have to save this for Christmas, why not be glamorous all year round! I am currently loving gold in interiors, here are a few of my favs.

La Dolce Vita


Chapman Interiors

I am so in love with this space by Kelly Wearstler for Trina Turk in LA! If champagne was a room it would look like this!


Bright Bazaar

I am always drawn to starburst mirrors… I really must get myself one – one day!


Shop Talk

And I just adore Erika from Small Shop’s home office space! Gorgeous isn’t it? Actually I love just about everything that Erika designs and blogs about! Seems she has the golden touch! If you haven’t already discovered her, click here, definitely worth a daily visit!


It’s time I get off the computer now and start packing for a girly weekend away with 3 of my fabulous and glamorous girlfriends! I can’t wait! Just wish this weather would clear up…


Rochelle xx

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