Christmas Craft Ideas – my top 5 picks

It’s time to get into the Christmas spirit! Starting with my top 5 picks of DIY Christmas Craft ideas… I will be heading to the shops today to pick up supplies so Bryton and I can do a couple of these to decorate the house, and maybe even a few little gifts for family and friends. There’s nothing nicer than receiving handmade gifts, and there are so many great ideas out there! I have focused more on simple/ beginner gift ideas that you are able to do with young children, should be fun!

1. Pressed Clay Ornaments

Aren’t these cute – such a simple, yet effective idea! I think the key to these is finding beautiful textured surfaces to press the clay onto, and keeping them all uniform using a round cutter to finish. For the full instructions click here.

2. Paper / Fabric Wreath

A very clever and simple way to use up scrap fabric or paper, add a few buttons and decorative items for a more textured finish and voila! The best thing about this sort of design is you don’t need to be precious about the placement of each piece, scattered and random is good! (my problem will be Bryton already follows my perfectionist ways and lines everything up in straight lines… we’ll see how we go!) For more details on how to do this project click here

3. Kid Made Door bells

This is such a cute idea from Martha Stewart, there will be a little jingle of bells every time you open and close the door! For instructions click here.

4. Button Ornaments

Another cute idea from Martha Stewart, don’t you just love the reindeer! What a gorgeous little gift that would be for the person who has everything, or a little extra something for someone special. Click here for the step by step guide.

5. Potato Stamped Christmas Wrapping Paper

and of course last but not least some home-made wrapping paper! Inspired by Brooke at Slow Your Home.

Do you have any Christmas crafts you are planning to do or have already done this year? Please share, I love seeing new ideas and the different end results as people’s own style and colour preferences shine through! Next week will be Christmas baking!

PS – I noticed not all of the photos on yesterday’s post published, I have fixed the problem now so you can see a picture of the entire stand.


Rochelle xx

Image Credits – Kidspot, Design Heaven, Martha Stewart, Slow Your Home


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