Introducing Charlee Le More cushions

Well today is the big D-day for me! I can’t believe the end of 4 years of study, and 12 months of planning all comes to an end tonight! I am feeling very nervous, but slowly excitement is taking over the nerves as I start to get ready for tonight’s exhibition! For anyone in the Sydney area and interested in coming along, the exhibition is on tonight from 6-9pm at Enmore Design Centre – 110 Edgeware Rd, Enmore. It is going to be a wonderful event, not only Interior Design and Decoration Students exhibiting work, but also students from the other departments such as Illustration, Jewellery and Events.

You may remember me talking about a very exciting project every now and then… Tonight will be the first opportunity to see the final product! I have designed my first cushion range, which I will be selling online very soon! The range consists of 4 designs with 6 colour-ways, and my idea behind it was to be able to mix and match in unlimited combinations so you can create your own personal style. Today I would like to introduce you to my brand, and the inspiration behind the colour-ways.

Introducing, Charlee Le More! Charlee Le More is an anagram of my name and I think perfectly reflects my style – Bold, a little edgy and quirky with a slightly feminine touch. I chose to keep the logo quite simple, text with a small geometric logo, this is what I came up with…

The 6 colour-ways I came up with when I was designing the patterns for the cushions were…

Glam was influenced by beautiful jewel colours, silks and peacock feathers. I think this is my favourite colour-way, based around 2 of my favourite colours teal and tan, which work beautifully together!


Urban was inspired mainly by fashion… There have been many days working on my designs that I would look down and realised I was wearing this colour-way! Tan, Navy and Red.


It just made sense to have a graphic industrial style colour-way. A touch of yellow to a predominantly grey scheme added the extra kick I was after…


Preppy was also influenced by fashion and took me back to school days, in faded yellow shirts, lifted by the bright emerald-green. I was fortunate enough not to have a green and navy uniform, but I do remember the grammar boys in their blazers…


I am still loving the clashing colours yellow, pink and orange, just in time for Summer…


And last but not least, Driftwood, a softer coastal summer look with warm greys and cool aqua.


Now you have seen the colour ways, be sure to pop back to see the designs! I will post some photos from the exhibition tomorrow, and first pictures of some of my cushions at last!


Well I’m off to get dolled up for a big night now! See you soon!


Rochelle xx





One thought on “Introducing Charlee Le More cushions

  1. I absolutely love your logo! – it couldn’t be more perfect!
    and the colours are amazing – cant wait to see the pics from the exhibition – I so wish i was there – Jess xx

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