Seeing Double… (Or should I say triple?)

All day yesterday, I seem to be needing to do things twice! I don’t know what was going on, but by the end of the day it was starting to drive me a little nutty! Everything from logging in, banking twice, phone calls, all needed to be done twice… and not to mention some of the email trouble I had, needing to write them twice because the computer wasn’t happy with me! So as a little distraction from work, I decided to look into doubles in interiors – I much prefer double lovely than double work, I just hope I don’t have the same problem today! Though it is 11/11/11 today, so maybe it will be triples?

Here are some lovely images, featuring doubles, triples and more! Now before you automatically think double = symmetrical, and symmetrical = boring, (as I am guilty of doing in the past…) just take a look at the images I have pulled together… Working with multiples is a wonderful technique for decorating a space. Small pendant lights look fantastic in a row of 3 or more, whereas larger pendants can make a real statement when hung as a pair. A pair of fabulous chairs in a patterned fabrics can add so much character to a room, and 3 small votive on a mantle can be just the right touch… There really are endless ways and endless decorator items you can use multiples of in a space, and they don’t have to be identical, they may be different colours, or even different sizes?

 So what do you think? Anything catch your eye? I am a huge fan of 5 & 6, love the black, gold and white colour schemes, and for something different I love the colourful suitcases too!

Ooooh! and don’t forget to check out Lonny over the weekend, the November / December issue went live today! I’m looking forward to finding some time over the weekend to do some reading…

Have a Lovely weekend!

Rochelle xx


Image Credits – 1 – Palatial Living, 2-5 – Belle Maison, 6 – Little Bits of Lovely, 7 – Roy’s Antiques, 8&9 – Elle Decor

2 thoughts on “Seeing Double… (Or should I say triple?)

    1. Hi Gina, Unfortunately I don’t know where that mirror was sourced, but I would suggest the best place to find a mirror like that would be at an Estate Sale, Antiques Auction or Vintage/ Antique store. Antique dealers are generally pretty helpful, and while they may not have anything like it in their store, they are often happy to keep an eye out for you and let you know when they find something.
      Good luck with the hunt!

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