Call of the Wild…

Lately I seem to have some sort of strange animal attraction to anything with a deer on it… I have spent the last few weeks searching around for the perfect couple of artworks/ prints to add to my exhibition space, and time and time again the ones I love have had deers on them! What I have liked even more about these artworks has been the bold colours used, rather than the typical deep woodsy colours and hunting scenes. Now the only problem I am having is deciding which one to get! I think it may start to look a little over-done/ strange if I had more than one deer artwork in the tiny little space! So these are the front-runners…

This Urban Road canvas is at the top of my list, I love the bold colours and the textures in it. Only problem is I really want the large canvas, (even have the perfect spot for it at home), but it will be way to big to fit into my tiny exhibition space… So if I chose this design, I will have to settle for the small canvas instead… To see more from Urban Road, click here.


This very cool print is printed onto a vintage Dictionary page, meaning every print will be unique. I love the use of colour, and it looks fabulous in this black ornate frame, though the frame is not included, it would be easy to pick something up similar. For more of these fabulous upcycled prints (there are hundreds to choose from, and they even print their designs onto melamine plates!) check out BlackBaroque’s etsy site here.


Also from Etsy, this cool papered deer head would really make a statement in any space! There are a number of different colours and designs available, and ‘no deer was hurt in the making’! Click here to see more deer heads from Ruby’s Lounge.


And here are a couple of images of how you can make deer artwork work in a space…

A simple colour palette of grey, white and yellow, with a warm neutral base, keeps this nursery Clean simple and uni-sex.


An eclectic mix of styles and periods…


I’ll finish off now, with this beautiful room! Reminds me of spring! The painting is vibrant and fun, yet the space still has a sophisticated yet comfortable feel to it. Beautiful!

So do you also share my new-found love?


See you again soon,

Rochelle xx


Image Credits – 1 – Urban Road, 2 – BlackBaroque (Etsy), 3 – Ruby’s Lounge (Etsy), 4 – Spearmint Baby, 5 – Flickr, 6 – Little Lovables



4 thoughts on “Call of the Wild…

    1. Yes, I think the first one os the one…. Knowing me I won’t be able to resist and will get the large one later as well!

      I enjoy popping over to your blog whenever I get the chance, it’s always full of beautiful interiors and inspiration.


  1. That’s a great collection, they all look fab!! I love the huge woodlands painting in the last one…gorgeous! and thanks for including Urban Road.
    Suzie xx

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