A quirky Minimal Apartment by AA Studio

I am not normally drawn to minimal design, but at the moment I am longing for clear, open and minimal spaces… My work is slowly taking over the entire house! All my paperwork, samples, materials and tools seem to have migrated from my study nook downstairs, to Sam’s office upstairs, and now have even spread to the table outside… I can not wait to de-clutter and reorganise it all, but until then we will have to continue living in the organised (?) chaos!

I have recently discovered a Romanian Architecture firm, AA Studio, and their work is AMAZING, I just had to share! A lot of their work is very clean and minimal, but not at all in the usual sense… I noticed in a number of their projects they paid a lot of attention to the lighting, highlighting architectural features of the interiors and also allowing the occupant to adjust to suit their mood. Today I will share with you a 2 level apartment in Bucharest, Romania. Crisp white walls and floors, LED rgb lighting, a stunning custom poured staircase, clean minimal lines and pops of colour, with a few quirky touches… This is my kind of minimal! Hope you like it too!

So what do you think? I love the use of the mirrors, and the bright bursts of colour! Isn’t the bathroom space cool, with it’s custom made pieces and I love the way a simple square-armed sofa with a bold black and white fabric can make such an impact on a space!


Have a wonderfull day!

Rochelle xx


All images via- AA Studio









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