My Scandinavian Love

I don’t think my love obsession with Scandinavian styled interiors will ever go away… I’m not sure if I have been swayed and become biased after living in Denmark for 1 year back in 2003, or if I would have been naturally drawn to this style anyway? Needless to say, there is something that is just so simple, comforting and stylish about Scandinavian design that can not get enough of! Perhaps it also ties back with my love of retro 1950’s furniture like the Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair from 1956, or Louis Poulsens pendant lights, and so many more!

I would happily live in any of these spaces…

I love the graphic cushions, and the touch of yellow in this space…

Don’t forget to consider the lighting…

Such a family friendly cozy look, yet still super stylish!


The key to pulling off this look, is keeping it all quite simple and streamlined… Adding key Scandinavian style furniture items such as the Eiffel chairs in the last photo, or light splayed leg timber pieces such as the desk and tables in the first 2 pictures instantly add that retro cool touch. Work in large blocks of colour – like the orange chairs, or just keep it neutral with blocks of black, grey or white, and then all you need are some funky graphic cushions and rug, a little colour and voila!

I was going to tell you which was my favourite… But I can’t choose! Which is your favourite? Do you love this look as much as I do?

Have a wonderful Day!

Rochelle xx

PS- only 4 weeks till my exhibition! I’m starting to freak out! I promise to share once I get these last couple of assignments out-of-the-way… The count down is on!

Images Credits- 1- CasaSugar, 2- Architect Lines, 3- Martela, 4- VelvetPalette, 5- GriyaKulo, 6- More Than Chic

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