If only I worked in a bubble…

I had a very severe case of Monday-itis today! I didn’t have my usual latte (or 2, or 3) , so it may have been the lack of coffee? If I worked in a bubble, I don’t think I would ever get Monday-itis…



Isn’t this space incredible! Unfortunately I don’t read French, but I was able to find a couple of other blogs about this amazing workspace, designed by French architect Christian Pottgiesser for 2 French Companies, Pons and Huot. The original building was an old run-down industrial hall built in the late 19th century, as you can see it has gone through an incredible transformation to create a magical and inspiring workspace! The central part of the building is made up of one solid plane which not only acts as the work surface, but is in fact also the ceiling for rooms below!


Individual plexiglass bubbles for each workspace give audible privacy, yet keep the space open, while adding a real whimsical magic to the space.The dark glass circles on the table top almost look like puddles, they are in fact acting skylights for private rooms below.

This is one of the rooms below the work surface, plenty of natural light!

A very organic layout, twisting around trees.


I don’t know if it has cured my Monday-itis, but it sure has inspired me!


If you want to read more check out the post at DesignBoom, or HomeDzn


See you again soon,


Rochelle xx


All images via DesignBoom

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