Create interest with Contrast

Inspired by the huge contrast in weather here in Sydney at the moment – 2 nights ago it was still warm at night that we only needed a sheet, to last night shivering before I snuggled into bed under a big heavy quilt! Come back sunshine!

Contrast is one of my favourite tricks for adding interest to a space or even a graphic design layout. Now you are probably thinking I mean the most obvious – black and white… not at all! There are so many different ways to use contrst, think the contrast of hard and soft, say a polished concrete floor and a soft woolen rug, or the contrast of a raw timber side table with a shiny silver table lamp (matt and gloss). There are endless possibilities, just think of something and then work out the opposite! By throwing in something a little unexpected you can turn a space from nice to, WOW!


Contrasting shapes, colour and style

The bold contrast of the heavy, square, masculine coffee table against the soft country-style slip-wash sofa, sisal rug and soft palette is the perfect example. I love the unexpected pop of yellow, and they have carried through the industrial look with the addition of an industrial floor lamp and side table to pull it all together.


Contrasting Styles

Traditional wallpaper, traditional table and chairs, not so traditional choice in upholstery colours! Old traditional styling, contrasted with bold modern colours.


Contrasting materials and scale

The translucent shiny glass of the floor lamp makes it appear light-weight and elegant, almost like it is floating, which contrasts against the raw concrete walls, distressed timber floors and old heavy armchair. I love the way that the oversized floor lamp somehow dwarfs the armchair by competing in scale.


Contrasting Textures

I love the way this room has been layered, and the contrast between the hard smooth surfaces such as the floor and walls, with the tactile carved coffee table and the luxuriously inviting fur throw.


This is probably my favourite. I love the contrast between the patterned wallpaper and the block colour of the cupboards… Pattern VS colour, perfectly balanced!


Enjoy the rest of your day!


Rochelle xx


Image Credits – 1 – The Painted Hive, 2 – OhMiGosh, 3 – Lyring, 4 – Shop Talk, 5 – Mamamekko

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