Crafty Bedroom Makeover

During my time-off over the holidays, I came across a lovely blog by a young couple who bought a house in 2009, and their progress as they gradually update their home from dark and dull, to vibrant and fresh. I love their attention to detail and the way they have used the colours from the main bedroom, and carried them through to the bathroom and ensuite. Even better is the number of DIY projects they have done, I’ll point them out as we go….

First of all, meet Dan and Haley, of The Hills blog… and this is the main bedroom before they worked their magic…

Now here is and after…

I think they have managed to balance the colours and patterns perfectly… A soft grey base with crisp white to highlight, pops of yellow for some colour and a dash of black for contrast. Don’t you just love the feature wall behind the bed! Now would you believe me when I say the feature wall is DIY project #1?

That’s right! Dan and Haley painted the wall grey and then they stenciled the wall using a home-made stencil and pearlescent paint. They have even taken the time to centre the pattern on the wall… I would love to know how long this took! But most definitely worth it for the stunning effect!

DIY project #2 – is the white textured upholstered bedhead. Again they have kept it simple with a white textured fabric, but their attention to detail is spot on, I love the neat corners and pillow centre.

DIY#3 – the addition of yellow ribbon to both the lamps and the bedskirt, makes it look like bespoke/designer linen!

DIY#4 – the curtains. Simple, yet dramatic

DIY#5 – Dan and Haley repainted and upholstered the chair in the corner

DIY#6 – they even made their own framed chalk board! So sweet!

Still to go on their list, they are planning to find a new dresser and possibly painting it yellow to complete the room. I actually don’t mind the timber for a bit of contrast, or maybe a black dresser would be nice?

DIY#7 – Haley also spray painted this little trinket tray using painters tape for the design. A very quick, easy and inexpensive DIY project that comes up a treat!

And finally, this is a wall in their bathroom where they have made their own little shelves, painted a yellow stripe which wraps around the entire room, and placed lots of little goodies for a lovely homely touch. I love that Haley has framed a piece of the chair fabric in the top frame – I seem to have a real soft spot for fabrics and wallpapers in frames…

So what do you think? If you would like to see more of this home, check out The Hills, I’m certainly looking forward to seeing more of this home, who doesn’t love a good before and after? Have you completed any DIY projects, I would love you to share!

Have a wonderful Day,

Rochelle xx

Image Credits – all from The Hills


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