Head in the clouds…

Wow! I can’t believe it has been so long since my last post! Sorry I went MIA, I have no idea where these last 2 weeks have gone, but I do know my head has been stuck in the clouds with lots of distracting wedding planning! Somehow I have managed to juggle visits to wedding venues, final assignments, some family time, and a very exciting project I am working on… and I haven’t quite gone mad just yet, though my family may beg to differ!

So I am on the countdown… In 7 weeks time, my end of year exhibition will be on, a little scary, but I am feeling confident that I am going to be able to pull my stand together in time! Unfortunately this may mean that my posts will be a little more sporadic, but keep checking in, as I will give you little sneak peeks as I progress. Now, the exciting project I was talking about is my very own cushion range, which I am planning to launch on exhibition night! I am so excited, and extremely happy with the way my designs are coming together, I just can’t wait to see the final product! I am hoping to have a website up and running for my brand by then, so you will be able to see my designs and the colour ways, and hopefully a couple may find their way into your homes!

Here are few of the images that have inspired me along the way…

I love the chevron detailing down the side of this daybed!


I love just about everything in this space! the bold graphic wallpaper, the feather headdress, the gilded chair…. Maybe not so crash hot on the rusty stool, but it all works together so well – I think it’s the neutral colour palette with a touch of gold that makes it such a strong and well-balanced space.


There will be a gallery wall in my exhibition space…


I love this display idea.


Better get back to it! See you again soon

Rochelle xx


Unfortunately I don’t have Image credits for these images, as they were saved to my desktop… If anyone knows where they are from, please let me know and I will update them.


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