Designer Spotlight – Glimpt

Today I wanted to share with you a Swedish design duo I discovered thanks to Glimpt is a design company founded my Mattias Rask and Tor Palm of Sweden. Together the pair decided that while they wanted to create handicraft pieces, they were also very intent on creating more than just a mass-produced item, wanting their ranges to have a deeper involvement for consumers who purchased their products. From there, the idea of working with artisans from poorer parts of the world, and help give back to their community was born and so the journey began…

The first project the pair worked on was in collaboration with South African craftsmen. Rather than starting with a design and commissioning the craftsmen to make it, Mattias and Tor spent 4 intense weeks in South Africa with the people they had made contact with, to create a number of prototypes. These prototypes had a strong focus on local skills and aesthetic, resulting in original handcrafted pieces, that reflect the South African community, while also appealing to the western marketplace.

The South African Range consisted of the Forbidden Fruit pendant lights, a floor lamp, a console and a small stool.

Each pendant consisted of a hand painted ceramic shade, with wooden disks stacked on top. The painted detailing was inspired by strawberry pips.

The sideboard and stool definitely have a Scandinavian feel to them – organic shapes, light timber and a pop of colour… And both can cleverly be dismantled by removing the wire bases. For the full article on Glimpt’s South African Project, click here.

The second project for Glimpt, paired up with local artisans in Vietnam. Again Mattias and Tor took on the approach of meeting with the local artisans, with no designs in mind, allowing for the handicrafts and skills of the locals to be the inspiration for the project. The manufacturer they came in contact with normally made woven bowls, and so the stools took these same traditional techniques to a much larger scale. Once they figured out the best combination of local handicrafts and the right materials, they had Swedish designer, Malin Koort, design the patterns for the stools. The final results are bright and modern stools and pendant lights, beautifully handcrafted, helping to support a Vietnamese community.

I just love the way the bright colours combine with the black!

 Love the chair!

Each piece is carefully hand-woven using coloured thread and seagrass.

To read the full article on Glimpt’s Vietnam project on Dezeen, click here. Or for more info, go to the Glimpt website here.

Have a wonderful day!

Rochelle xx

Image Credits- all from Dezeen via Glimpt


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