Cure for Monday-itis – Happy Chic Virtual Shopping from JA!

Well, I am suffering a severe case of Monday-itis today! We had a girls night out for a friends Hen’s on Saturday night – dinner, games and a show before dancing until our feet could dance no more! A very fun and entertaining night was enjoyed by all! Why did the weekend have to end so soon? How was your weekend? Get up to anything exciting?

For a case of Monday-itis, what better way to cure it, than with a dose of Happy Chic! My mind has been wandering quite a bit today, my parents would have touched down in LA sometime this morning, the lucky things! If I were in LA, the number one store I would want to visit, would have to be Jonathan Adler! I know… there are plenty of designer fashion stores, but I just love interiors, and they always seem to come first! So here is my wish-list, (Mum if you’re reading feel free to add any of this to your luggage! They’re all samll enough to fit in your bag!)  🙂

Top of the list would have to be a graphic and colourful cover for my laptop and iphone….

Then something for out and about, 2 things a girl should always have with her – a trendy umbrella to protect her styled hair from the rain, (wish I had one with me on Saturday night!) and a small notebook… and there are some gorgeous JA pens too, because you have to be coordinated!

Next is the JA Agenda, to keep track of your busy schedule… This agenda is full of Adlerisms, which makes it even more fun!

Last but not least an enamel frame, so you can keep a photo of your lover at your desk, and a small enamel dish for all the odd bits and pieces that scatter across your desk – paperclips, bobby pins, safety pins, erasers…

Now this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to a Jonathan Adler wish-list… I would love the new Channing desk, and the Hollywood duvet cover… and the list goes on – lamps, cushions, dinnerware


Hope this has brightened up your day up!

Rochelle xx

Image Credits – all Jonathan Adler

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