Latest Love – Patterned Carpets

Lately I have been drawn to rooms with bold geometric patterned carpets, and yes, I mean wall to wall carpets not just rugs. It gives such a luxurious and dramatic look to a room, a bit like a fabulous 5 star hotel, and who would not want to feel like they were living in a 5 star hotel??

When I think of patterned carpets, the first name that pops to mind is Greg Natale. I adore this house, ultra glamorous, can you believe this is a country house?

The second name that pops to mind is David Hicks, but surprisingly this was about the only room of his I could find with wall to wall carpets, and it’s a room he did in 1974, a classic design that could easily be from this year – I may like a different colour scheme though…

And of course this gorgeous room… I know I showed it to you yesterday, but I love it! Love the shade of green, bold patterned carpet and did you notice the gilded ceiling? Wow!

I just realised this is the same carpet… Think I must like it!


If this look is a little too dramatic for you, or you don’t have the confidence or monetary funds to do the wall to wall geometric carpet, then of course a large oversized rug will certainly do the trick!

The best thing about a rug, is you can easily change it again when you want a different look, though I still love the wall to wall look! How about you? Do you love these geometric patterns as much as I do?


Have a wonderful day

Rochelle xx


Image Credits- 1- Greg Natale, 2 – Maddie’s Nest, 3 – Tuesday’s post, 4 – Decor Pad,  6 – Elements of Style, 7 – Design Ties, 8- Houzz

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