Sabrina Soto – Rue Anniversary Preview

I’ve just managed to find some time while my little boy’s asleep to have a read of the Rue anniversary Issue preview… Believe it or not, the preview of the magazine is 32 pages, with fashion and interior picks, an incredible food styling story and a story on Targets’ style expert Sabrina Soto! If this is a taste of what to expect in the upcoming issue, then I cannot wait for the October 4 launch to read the rest! 

The feature article on Sabrina Soto really caught my eye. I would call her style Modern Retro, a beautiful eclectic mis of iconic design pieces such as the arc lamp, and Eames Eiffel chairs, combined with op shop and vintage finds. Sabrina’s feature was all about clever way of creating a look without necessarily spending a fortune to do it! I always love the way Rue adds hyper-links to items in the photo, so you can easily find where to buy key pieces. You will be amazed at the bargains Sabrina found, and I was also very relieved to say that she did splurge on some things, and bought Authentic licenced Eames Chairs, and is not endorsing cheaper replica copies that are everywhere – the authentic chairs are actually quite reasonably priced! I won’t get started on that topic again, here is just a peek of the Rue anniversary Preview… Click here to see more! and then mark it in your diary for Oct 4!

Loving the bold simplicity of this painting! If you are ever struggling to choose a colour scheme, a never fail trick is to select colours out of a beautiful painting or artwork like Sabrina has here.

A simple colour palette. angular lines and vintage details make this one cool looking living room!

Such a creative home office! I’m loving the rug and the pops of colour! It’s always exciting to see people thinking outside the box, the storage hanging on the wall is actually from the kitchen section of Target for kitchen utensils and knives.

These chairs have been on my wish-list for a while now…

And some of Sabrina’s bargain shopping tips…


Do you have any Fav places to pick up a bargain like this? Please share! I’m a huge eBay fan, and Esty is full of incredibly talented people, you can find just about anything!


Have a wonderful day!

Rochelle xx


Image Credits- all from Rue


4 thoughts on “Sabrina Soto – Rue Anniversary Preview

  1. do you know where to buy think geometric rugs like sabrina sotos’s striped orange one in her living room?
    i love jonathan adler rugs but they seem thin like the ones from west elm and it would be hard not to have them lumpy with my kids running all over them.
    thanks for your response

    1. Hi Gabriela,
      If you were here in Australia, I would easily be able to recommend a number of stores you would be able to find a beautiful plush, geometric rug, Designer Rugs here in Sydney would be the perfect place to start with their Greg Natale range… Unfortunately it has been about 10 years since I have been to the USA, so have little first-hand knowledge of what is available, where and the quality, to be able to recommend to you.
      Though I would definitely recommend having a look at Jonathan Adler’s range, he has a lot of geometric rugs, and you are even able to customise the colours. He has a fantastic online shop and plenty of stores scattered across the USA, I just wish there was a JA store here in Australia! JA’s products are of a very high quality, so I have no doubt his rugs won’t let you down! –
      I would also suggest Modern Chic Home. The rugs Julie has are beautiful and plush, and if you can’t quite find what you are looking for, Julie is a very talented interior designer, I’m sure she wouldn’t mind assisting you in the hunt for the perfect rug! –
      Good Luck, I wish I could have been more help,

  2. I’m DYING to know about that Musica painting in the dining room. Would love to have one, can’t find it anywhere! Where’s it from? Who’s the artist? ty.

    1. Antonia I wish I knew the answer for you! I have just read through the article in Rue where I got the photo from, but there is no mention of where she got it?

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