Colour Blocking – Fashion meets Interiors

Time is going way to quickly at the moment! Where on earth have the last few weeks gone? Yesterday I was flat out, finishing a project, so I did not have time to do a post, today thankfully I had a much more relaxing and enjoyable day with my little boy… It has been such a long time since I have been clothes shopping, today I just could not resist, there were sales everywhere, and I managed to snag a real bargain picking up a cardi and a dress for a fraction of the cost! (I love being able to tell Sam ‘but I saved hundreds’ when I tell him I’ve bought something)

As we wandered around, I was really excited by all the bright colours ready for summer! The colours that really stood out were emerald green, electric blue and red-orange. These colours looked stunning paired with white, and there were also pops of yellow and a touch of tan, and even a little black. Block colour was everywhere, with clashing colour, and lots of heavy stripes, and I am loving all the colours you can get jeans in at the moment! A pair of red or maybe green jeans have just made it to the top of my wish list…

This simple Country Road dress is a perfect example of the look I am talking about, and I was inspired to share with you how this (colour blocking and stripes) can be translated into an interior. These are some of the images that came to mind…

A few quick tips on how to make the colour block look work in your interior-
1. Use 2-3 main colours on large surface areas, such as the walls and sofa.
2. Avoid small patterns and decorative items- the bolder the better
3. Use texture to soften the space, such as knitted cushions, soft curtains or a textured rug.
4. Add a bold heavy pattern. Did you notice the heavy patterns used on the rugs in a couple of the photos? Stripe work well too, just don’t over-do it!
Simple and minimal is the key!
I’m loving the first first, second and fourth rooms best! Which are your favorite? Are you loving this look too?

How was your weekend? It was Bryton’s 3rd birthday on Sunday, so we had a small family BBQ, it was a perfect day outside and he got spoilt rotten! He didn’t get the helicopter cake he requested… but he really enjoyed the Lightning McQueen cake I made instead! (I actually thought a car was going to be easier than a helicopter, but I could be wrong?) Bryton loved it, the kids made a great mess eating it, and we all enjoyed a relaxing day! Just thought I’d share a couple of photos.

See you tomorrow,

Rochelle xx


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