Cute Retro Desk – Where are you??

What a day! We have just returned home after a day of scouring through vintage and second-hand stores in Sydney for a cute little retro style desk…. Do you think I could find one? No!

Now I really didn’t think I had set myself up for that much of a challenge when I decided I needed a little desk rather than a hall table to fit in my end of year exhibition stand, but it seems I have. You see, for our final hurrah, after 4 years of study, we have a small exhibition space to utilise and display our work / talent… Now when I say little, I mean little… It is a 1.2m wide x 1.2mm deep x 2.4mm high space, which gets a little smaller once you have added your walls, flooring and ceiling. So to fit within this space and not look ridiculously oversized I am searching for a little desk no bigger the 1.1m wide and no deeper than .5m. I have managed to find quite a few on eBay, only problem is lots of them are in Melbourne or elsewhere in the country, and I keep getting outbid on the ones close by!

So after a full day of wandering in and out of the little vintage stores, I feel no closer to my end goal, or know what to try next? One thing I can not believe is that I did not make any purchases today! Though there were a couple of chairs, surprise, that were begging to come home with me! And another surprise is that most of these chairs had a Scandinavian feel and of course were upholstered in beautiful shades of teal and aqua! (I am just so predictable!) Oh well, we did have a fun day, testing out chairs and looking at knickknacks, and my little boy was a perfect little angel! He’ll be a mini stylist in no time at all!

Anyway, here are a few images with the sort of desk I am hoping to get my hands on, and soon!

I love this desk, even looks about the right size! Something with a retro Scandinavian feel like this would be perfect!

Probably a little big for my space, but gorgeous! I love the contrast of the timber and white, and it still has a cool retro feel to it.

I may end up with something clean and simple like this, though the trestle style legs take up so much space! I would love a cool bentwood type chair like this one too…

Oooooh! I love this space! The desk is crisp clean and uncluttered – don’t you just love the paint dipped detailing at the top of the trestle legs! The chair adds some texture and I love the pops of colour in the styling of this space! I want it all!


I may need to look into a simple DIY alternative like this instead?

Hopefully if I do head down the DIY path my desk wont resemble this chair in any way!

Anyway, tummy’s starting to rumble…

Rochelle xx

Image Credits- 1-ElianaTomas, 2- es Crito Rio de Arte, 3- Nordic Bliss, 4- Susanna Vento, 5- Form over Function, 6- Magnus Orerar

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