Circus themed Kids Bedroom

This image keeps popping up, I have been meaning to post it for a while now, but I think I am trying to ignore my urge to do something new for our little boys bedroom… Every time this image pops up it reminds me that I have changed very little in his room since we put a big boy’s bed in there when he turned 1…. and he is about to turn 3!

This fabulous room is by stylist Kate Dixon, of My Style Chronicles. She actually started the blog as a diary of the process she went through from initial concept, ideas and sketches through to the making and final installation of the room which was for this year’s 41st Symphony Designer Showhouse in Kansas City. It is always nice to see the workings of a design and the thought process and not just the final outcome!

This is Kate’s mission statement at the beginning of the project…

‘I will be designing a kid’s room that is inspired by the colors, textures and whimsy of a vintage circus.  NOT A TYPICAL THEMED ROOM is a definite must do in this space.  I want it to be sophisticated yet fun, and overall stimulating to all the senses.  I want to use this blog as my sketchbook, a folder for inspiration, and a portfolio on my progress…’

If you’d like to see more, click here to start at the very beginning.

Kate’s original Style/ Inspiration board which she submitted to the committee. Simple and colourful…



A detailed sketch in the planning stage…


Now wait till you see what Kate does with this!


The up-cycled conduit reel, turned ferris wheel toy storage! If only we had the space….





Gorgeous circus prints on a blackboard wall, and how cute are those chairs!


Ta Da!!! The finished room! I love the way the bright yellow pops against the worn timbers, and the rugs on the floor hand stitched together in a mismatched kind of way. If I had a room like this as a kid, I don’t think I would ever come out! I say Kate definitely achieved what she set out to do! Don’t you?

Well I’m off to join the circus now… I wish! Back to reality, no more daydreaming… for now….


Rochelle xx

Image Credits- My Style Chronicles

2 thoughts on “Circus themed Kids Bedroom

    1. Thanks Diana, your little boys room looks fantastic, and by the looks of it he loved it too! I’s an incredible transformation, and I’m very impressed to hear this was completed in one weekend! I’m always a fan of seeing other people daring enough to use bold colours in their home, I love the orange walls!

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