Break the Rules – A Tropical Colour Scheme

Does any one else remember being told that pink and orange clash, and do not go together? Well I think they clash marvellously! I guess it’s a bit the same as blue and green should never be seen, I have seen some fabulous interiors combining these colours!

Posts have been popping up all over the place, talking about pink and orange, with some gorgeous interiors to match! You may remember I did a post not long ago, A Vibrant Colour Scheme, based on a beautiful bunch of flowers, with a room scheme of pink, orange and mauve. If it looks so good in nature, why not use it in your interiors?

One space that keeps popping into mind when I keep hearing about pink and orange is the Malibu Barbie Dream House designed by the fabulous Jonathan Adler for Barbie’s 50th Anniversary.

You could certainly throw an incredible cocktail party in this space! I love all the clashing colours, but not sure I could actually live in the space? Maybe if I was as glamorous as Barbie, with all the shoes, clothes and convertibles it would be a different story… I love that the plastic poodles are the same colour and finishes as Barbie’s heels, it certainly adds that quirky twist – true JA style!

If this space is not quite your thing here are some of the beautiful images I have spotted on other blogs, that you may find easier to translate into your own home for this beautiful tropical combo!

Over at Bright Bazaar, where it is always colourful…  Don’t the colours pop when paired with white! I’m loving the table-cloth!

I found these gorgeous inspiration images at one of my new fav blogs – In a State of Luxe (I immediately added Kim to my fav Blogroll) most definitely worth a daily visit! And as Kim said, pink and orange – ‘an unexpectedly perfect match!’

This painting by artist Mark Rothko, inspired Allison at Spicer + Bank to share her tips on how to make these bright summery colours work in your interior.

This cushion is a perfect example of how to add a little of this colour combo without being OTT – Thanks Allison!

These colours are very Anna Spiro (from Absolutely Beautiful Things blog, and the successful store, Black and Spiro) – she sure loves colour and is not afraid to use them! I’m looking forward to her Spring Vignette, due to be released very soon… Keep your eye out, so you can get your own piece of Anna Spiro style!

Oh and I just remembered, I just noticed Julie over at Belle Maison has changed her colour scheme… Definitely on trend, you guessed it! Pink and orange, with a touch of grey!

 The key to making this energetic combo work is to use them in moderation, letting your base neutral fill the room first and then layering in the pink and orange with rugs, cushions, vases and/ or if you are daring enough, maybe paint or wallpaper a wall? The best thing about using the smaller items to bring in the colour, is that when it’s time for a change you just need to swap out the cushions and rug, and maybe a quick coat of paint, not buy a new sofa!

So what do you think? would you be daring enough to add this clashing pair to your homes decor?

Have a bright and cheery day!

Rochelle xx

Image Credits- 1&2- Jonathan Adler, 2- Bright.Bazaar, 3- In a State of Luxe, 4&5- Spicer + Bank, 6- Absolutely Beautiful Things

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