Get the Look – Gallery Wall Inspiration

I love gallery walls! I really should have so many more photos hung up around our place, but I have been terribly slack in getting any of the thousands of photos of Bryton printed off… and maybe eve a few of myself and Sam if we can find any! (I’m sure you mothers out there know exactly what I am talking about!)

Anyway, normally I am more of a random, asymmetrical kind of girl when it comes to interiors, but lately I have had a strange lean towards the symmetrical placement of photos and artwork… I’m curious to work out where this came from? The great thing is there really are no rules, well nearly no rules, when it comes to hanging photos or artwork around your home. One rule that is essential, is making sure your photos are placed around eye level – that is of an average height person, not a giant! Nothing worse than a photo floating up in the middle of nowhere, and having to stand on your tiptoes to see, it just throws the balance off.

Here are some gorgeous examples of gallery walls, from traditional to modern, symmetrical and asymmetrical to get you inspired.

Square, symmetrical layouts like this work really well for more traditional or formal spaces. By only using one table lamp and adding a couple of different sized decorator items, has helped to make this space look less formal, while adding more character and interest.


This is for those that don’t want to spend the time trying to position the frames on the wall themselves! Just insert your pictures into the frames, attach the nickel bar to the wall, then hang the frames – a very cool idea! I really like the addition of the bar, and the slight asymmetry of the frames.



Wow! Imagine trying to hang all of these! I think I would go nuts, I’m way too much of a perfectionist and would need the gaps to all be exact…



While this is a much more random gallery wall, it still fits within a rectangular shape… And even better, it cleverly incorporates the light switches into the space so they don’t stand out like sore thumbs!


Another clever way to keep your pictures looking balanced is to create a line through the center to work out from…


How cool is this space! Shelving like this is another great way to display your photos and art. The best thing is you can move them around and add to it as often as you like without having to worry about holes in the wall.


I love this image! The striped wallpaper behind the frames, the seemingly random placement of the frames, the combination of the fish eye mirror… It just works beautifully! The only thing that upsets me a little is they need higher ceilings!


Love the asymmetry, yet balanced.


A great tip for when you are hanging your frames – lay the frames out on the floor first to work out your placement and get the balance right. Remember it is not only about the balance of the shapes, but also the balance of the colours, both of the frames and the photos inside the frames. Another alternative for this is to cut newspaper to the same size of each of your frames, and then blu-tac or use painters tape onto the wall, and move around until you are happy.


Have a wonderful Day!

Rochelle xx


Image Credits- 1- Clutterbug, 2- DealRocker, 3- Photops, 4- The House of Wood, 5- Your Decorating Hotline, 6- Kara Paslay Designs, 6- Casa Sugar

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