The hunt for a Storage Ottoman…

A week or so ago, I had a comment on my Living Room Storage Solutions post, asking where you could purchase a similar ottoman? Here is the ottoman in question…

I have spent the last week or so, searching high and low for storage boxes, storage ottoman, bed boxes and blanket boxes. Initially I thought it was quite a simple request, though even after searching I am hoping my answer is going to be sufficient…

There are 4 solutions.

1- Go through an interior designer

Yes I know this sounds like a little bit of a cop-out, but if you are time poor, and don’t have a clue where to start, an interior designer will be a perfect solution for you. They will do all the hard work for you; sourcing appropriate fabrics to suit your existing decor and lifestyle, specifying the right dimensions to get the right scale for the ottoman, dealing with the manufacturer and will be able to work within your budget. Do be realistic, and keep in mind that you get what you pay for, so a beautiful linen or a patterned cotton like in the photo above will obviously cost more than a plain synthetic fabric. 



2- Ask your local Furniture store

Even though they may not have a storage ottoman on display, don’t feel silly to ask the question. Most of these stores, unless they ship their products in from China by the container load, are able to have things custom-made, or one of their suppliers may even make a storage ottoman, but they just don’t have it on display. Many furniture stores also have a small fabric gallery to choose from, though you may be limited to their range of fabric. Unlike using a designer, where they can guide you to a style/ look that will suit you, you will need to have a very good idea of exactly what it is you want; dimensions of the ottoman, style of cushion top, density of the foam on top, what type of feet you want the ottoman to have, opening mechanism, what type of fabric and if you are wanting a striped fabric which way do you want the stripes to run? The more specific you can be, the easier it will be to get what you want. Once you know the answers to these questions, go to a couple of stores and ask for quotes based on the same dimensions and fabric and be sure to ask if they have any photos of what it may end up looking like. Chances are they may have a standard ottoman on display that they are able to make as a storage ottoman so you will see exactly what the ottoman will look like. Nothing worse than expecting a thin, firm ottoman lid that you can place a tray on like above, only to get an ottoman with a thick, soft rounded top instead!



3- Online Purchase

My biggest fear of online purchasing is not knowing the quality of the products, unless of course they are a large and reputable brand such as Jonathan Adler for example. (sadly he does not have any storage ottomans… ) So for this reason, I am not wanting to recommend any particular online sites, the big companies that I thought may have storage ottomans, and are brands I am happy to recommend such as Coco Republic, Jonathan Adler, Ada & Darcy, Modern Chic Home, Orson and Blake… sadly do not have any storage ottomans for sale. You will however come across many online stores that have storage ottomans for sale, though you will find most of these are small square ottomans or the larger ones upholstered in either plain synthetic fabrics or faux leather. The other Online alternative is of course Ebay! I love Ebay! It is amazing the things you can pick up at a fraction of their retail price, but of course you may need to do some work to it, depending on the condition of second-hand items…


4- DIY Project

My last suggestion is to make it a DIY project. You can do this either by purchasing a secondhand ottoman on E-bay and modifying it or you can start from scratch. If you are up for the challenge, here are a couple of DIY guides to help you along.

DIY Ottoman Tutorial– by Michelle at 4 Men 1 Lady, as seen above

How to Upholster an Ottoman with Storage– eHow- This guide is for re-upholstering an existing storage ottoman

Create a Storage Ottoman for a Regular Ottoman– Do it Yourself- This guide will help you modify an existing ottoman into a storage ottoman.

DIY Storage Ottoman– eHow- This guide is starting completely from scratch, you will be able to customise the ottoman to any size.

And if you need more inspiration, check out Caroline Rance Upholstery, it is amazing to see what you are able to achieve with a little practice, patience, and knowledge! Here is one of the storage ottomans that Caroline has re-upholstered, it just shows the sky’s the limit for what you can do! I love the yellow button detailing!

Or This up-cycled storage ottoman from StyleHive


I really hope this has helped at least a little… Which ever way you choose to go, collect images of ottomans and fabrics you like as a guide to help you find what is right for you. If anyone has seen storage ottomans for sale that they are able to recommend, I would love you to comment and share!

Oooh! I have just come across a storage ottoman! Though very different to the blue one that was commented on…

The Leonardo Storage Ottoman by Fiorentino, has Swarovski Crystal embellished claw feet, and beautiful tufted detailing… Would definitely add some wow factor to your lounge room!


Have a wonderful Day,


Rochelle xx


Image Credits- 1-littlenudge, 2- Belle Maison, 3- Decor Pad, 4- Apartment Therapy, 5- Under a Paper Moon, 6-4Men1Lady, 7- Caroline Rance Upholstery, 8- Style Hive, 9- Fiorentino

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