Designer Spotlight- Tord Boontje

I thought it was about time I shared with you, one of my all-time favourite designers, Tord Boontje…

It’s funny, back in 2004 when I first discovered Tord Boontje’s magical style, I actually thought it would be one of my many obsessions that would pass… Surprisingly, I would still love to find a place in my home to hang at least one of his pendant lights, and would happily find a home for his many other products too! The one light that got me sucked in from the very beginning was the Garland pendant, gorgeous isn’t it!

I was excited to see that Boontje has revisited the Garland design, and adapted it. It is like he is mimicking the Victorian glass domes which have found their way back into todays interiors, and put his own spin on them, filling the glass with his own metallic nature collection…

Here is an example of the glass domes, which are slowly making a re-appearance into todays interiors… (I’m really loving this space too!)

Boontje has not only created magical lights, but also has products ranging from sofas and chairs, to rugs and textiles, as well as smaller items such as vases, tea-lights and jewellery to name a few…

Imagine the fun you could have planning where this floral vine will lead to!

Not all of his work is floral and colourful… For those of you out there that prefer something a little edgier, and glamorous, maybe this bench designed for Swarovski will catch your eye?

I’m also loving these chairs, designed for Moroso… Imagine having your daily cuppa in the backyard, lounging in one of these chairs! I’d nearly expect Alice to pop by for a tea party!

There are just so many other products Boontje has designed over the last 8-10 years since his first major success, and they all vary greatly in colour and style, yet they all have a quirky and magical presence. I wish I could show them all, but if you are looking for some inspiration to brighten your day, go here, you’ll be dreaming up all sorts of mystical interiors! What better way to start the first day of spring?


Have a wonderful day!


Rochelle xx


Image Credits- Tord Boontje, Interior Art Studio

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