A Burst of Colour

Hello all!

Just a very quick one from me today… While researching today I came across this colourful photo, which really brightened my day!

This is one of the booths at the Interior Design Show, held in Toronto earlier this year for Beauti-tone Paints. 

No surprise here when I tell you it was the bright colours that I was initially drawn to… Even though there a lot of different colours and elements to this space, it is still very well balanced. I think the key things that make this space work are:

1. The use of 3 key colours used in different depth of colour, combined with white – blues, red-orange & yellows.

2. The repetition of the angular lines on the floor – seen in the sides of the table, and the timberwork on the cupboard doors.

3. The contrast of these hard lines with circular shapes to soften the space – such as the paper spheres, the birdcages and the paint tins.

4. The garden theme – framed butterfly artwork, paper butterflies and flowers.

5. The use of scale – by varying the sizes of the paper spheres it adds interest and balance.

I feel very inspired by this space,by the use of colour and one of my favorite design tools – repetition! Great inspiration for an event, can you imagine an event styled like this? Yes I know… I’m stuck in wedding mode again…
What do you think? What do you like most about this space?

Hope you had a great day!
Rochelle xx


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