Clear Beauty- Penny Farthing Design House

A friend recently showed me this image, and immediately I was in love!

The desk is from the very talented design duo Alice Flynn and Sarah Neilsen, of Penny Farthing Design House. The sisters both come from successful creative backgrounds, and combined have made a massive impact on current trends. If you haven’t heard of Penny Farthing Design House, you will no doubt have seen some of their products…


But back to that desk… Isn’t it just gorgeous! This is the perfect example of ‘less is more’. I love the contrast of the hard, straight, nearly masculine edges and dimensions, yet the use of acrylic makes the desk look light and even feminine. I would love to see this with a boldly patterned chair, although it does look stunning on its own in a white on white room…

Also in the acrylic range is this simple coffee table. I love the flexibility of the storage compartments, with clear lids you can change what’s inside as little or as often as you want! I imagine mine would be changing weekly if I had one of these… But I would also have a little helper placing his toys inside, as he copies everything we do these days!

I love the graphic artwork in the background too!

Definitely worth visiting their website here. It is full of really cool original pieces, I’m really loving their new destination scrolls, and the way these girls style each item for the website is beautiful! Wouldn’t you love to see their houses…


Well I’ve really got to get some work done now, I do apologise that I have been unable to post every day, but unfortunately time has been a little scarce, with major projects due, a wedding to plan, and a little boy at home with me to keep me on my toes! Hopefully will get on top of it soon,

Have a wonderful day!

Rochelle xx


Image credits – Penny Farthing Design House




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