Current Obsession- Coloured Doors

Hello again!

There is something just so happy and inviting about a coloured front door. I have been thinking about it for a while now, but maybe it is time I paint our front door, just in time for spring! There are so many odd jobs I would like to do around the house, the list of things I could do, oh my! But, I have been very time poor recently, and of course money permitting (as I do seem to have expensive taste!) so maybe a quick coat of paint on the front door over the weekend might be enough to suppress my renovation hankering, at least for now…

Now the only question is what colour??

I love this front door! I am naturally drawn to red doors, and the beautiful glass detailing is to die for! Unfortunately our door is nothing as grand as this, and as much as I love red doors, I don’t think red will suit our house…

Now this is close to the sort of colour I had in mind…. But maybe I should be a little more daring?

I don’t think I will ever tire of this colour! It has stuck with me for as long as I can remember, in my wardrobe and my house…. Could be a safe bet?

I love the boldness of the orange against the charcoal, but again, sadly I think it may clash with our bricks, and I don’t think certain family members would approve…

Green perhaps? It is scattered throughout the rest of the house, so why not?

Lime or aqua it is! What do you think? Maybe I will even do this on Friday, so it will be surprise when Sam gets back from Brisbane Friday night? Any thoughts? I will keep you posted…


Have a wonderful day!

Rochelle xx


Image Credits- 1- House Beautiful, 2- On Sutton Place Blog, 3- Beyond the Screen Door Blog, 4- Fresh Home Blog, 5- Flickr

4 thoughts on “Current Obsession- Coloured Doors

  1. Love the orange too, but could be tricky with your bricks…?
    I think i am digging the aqua!
    What a fun little job to do over a weekend!

    1. Aqua was my vote too!

      But silly me, thought it would be a quick little DIY project and so sanded and prepared the door and started painting… Only problem I forgot how busy our next few days were and so still have not yet done the second coat! I love the aqua, but I think it’s a bit too bright for Sam’s liking… I will post photos when I get time to do the final coat!

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