Love Lace Exhibition- Part 2

Wow! A new post from me us well and truly overdue! The days are just flying by so quickly at the moment and I feel like I’m in one of those dreams running fast but getting no where…

Sadly last week we had a long drive up to the Gold Coast to be with family, as we all got together to say goodbye to Sams much-loved granny. It was a beautiful service Monday, followed by the long drive home, now I’m just trying to catch up on assignments, housework and I wish the rain would stop so I could do the washing that has also piled up!

On a lighter note, as promised I will share some more photos from the Love Lace exhibition currently showing at the Powerhouse Museum, definitely worth a look if you happen to have a free day in Sydney.


This installation is at the entry of the main exhibition, and from the moment I saw it I knew it was by BernabeiFreeman. Typical of BernabeiFreeman style they have created a bold and graphic design, creating the pattern through holes punched in metal, in bright playful colours. I just love the contrast of the bold crisp lines to the soft shadows they create on the walls and floor.


This lace fence is by Joep Verhoeven from the Netherlands. The combination of industrial steel and the soft lace pattern is stunning! I wish there were more fences around like this!

This piece is called Nunduti Lace, inspired by traditional Nanduti lace making techniques, which also has a beautiful love story behind it…

Based on a Paraguayan legend of 2 young indigenous boys both fighting for the affection of a beautiful girl. One of them went for a walk through the woods looking for a gift for her, as he looked up searching for help from the Guarani God, he spotted a beautiful lace in the branches of a tree. When he touched the lace, he discovered it was only a torn spider web. His mother dedicated herself to making an identical web of lace, studying the movements of a spider, and her needle and strands of her white hair to create it.

Wouldn’t you just love to have a lace artwork like this hanging in your home? There are so many beautiful colours you could pull from it, and it would actually tie in perfectly with the strong geometric patterns and ikat fabrics that are so popular at the moment.

I could see it in a room like this, hanging above the fireplace on a white wall, add a little more colour with fushia cushions and a pop of yellow and orange with a lovely bunch of flowers on the table… What do you think?


I had better go, I have just discovered my son sticking skewers into the top of the chocolate cake we just baked! It now looks like an echidna with long spikes! Guess he saw me ‘test’ to see if the cake was cooked…


Have a great day!

See you again Monday!

Rochelle xx

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