Love Lace Exhibition Inspiration

Good Morning!


I have finally had the chance to look at all the photos I took on Friday at the Love Lace Exhibition in the Powerhouse Museum. It was a really interesting day, and we probably could’ve spent even longer in there, except my little boy Bryton did not find it quite as interesting as Mum and I did.


I am having trouble trying to work out which photos to share with you, there were so many talented artists on display and the techniques to create a modern-day lace varied from traditional techniques with cotton bobbins, to lazercut plastic, or machine stitched paper. So I have decided to spread them out over the week so I can share with you a little background on my favourites, the idea behind them and a little about the artist.


Today I will start with Lenka Suchanek and Peter Battaglene and Fiona Tabart.

Lenka first learnt the art of lace making at school in her homeland- Czechoslovakia, a country renowned for its contemporary lace designs. She has won many prizes all over the world for her lace work, her specialty lies in the use of wire to create beautiful and unique lace pieces.

Beautiful isn’t it! Lenka created this lace out of enamel copper wire on acrylic panels. Her inspiration came from electron microscope images of cell structure which she enlarged and traced over to create the designs. You can visit her website here, or view her Powerhouse profile here.

Next Peter Battaglene and Fiona Tabart….

Peter Battaglene is a master potter, and has worked with ceramics for over 20 years now.  His style is a blend of Japanese and Scandinavian design, and has been displayed in Europe, Asia and Australia. He runs his own independent pottery business- Watermark Design. His creative partner for the Powerhouse Exhibition, Fiona Tabart, specialises in graphic design, and has also dabbled in a little bit of ceramics, though she says she is certainly not a ceramist. She and her partner operate Inkpot Studios which began as a graphic design and screen printing studio, focusing on corporate identities, packaging design, signage and other print media. This has now expanded to ceramic decals, sculptures and jewellery.

I love this screen! It is made of 3 panels of glass with the design etched on both sides- inspired by the Tree of Life. To see the Powerhouse profile click here.


Taking inspiration from these 2 amazing lace pieces I am imagining a stunning modern restaurant interior, using a monochrome scheme of black and ivory, with ocean views, polished marble/travertine floors, crisp white linen, and dark slatted chairs and exclusive booth seating. With Lenkas lace panels displayed around the room, and the Tree of Life panels as privacy screens for intimate dinners. I would certainly enjoy a meal surrounded by this!

I’d imagine it could be something a little like this…


Have a wonderful day!


Rochelle xx

Image Credits- all my own except the last- Mandarin Oriental

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