Thinking Blue

 Good morning!


I didn’t get the chance to post anything yesterday, as my little boy, Mum and I went into the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney for the day to see the current Love Lace exhibition. If you get the chance to get in there, it’s worth a look! We couldn’t believe how quickly the time went, though Bryton wasn’t as impressed as we were! I haven’t had the chance yet to look at the photos, but will post them on Monday.


Today I’m thinking blue… I don’t know about you, but I have noticed a lot of talk about blue interiors recently, particularly paired with white.


Firstly, Will Taylor from Bright.Bazzar guest blogged on Belle Maison about one of his fav colour combos… Yep, you guessed it- Blue and white!

Will says, “I’ve always been a fan of a blue and white colour palette as I think it transcends between the seasons with ease.”



Then on Thursday Anna, over at Absolutely Beautiful Things posted this gorgeous blue and white interior, which reminds her of Summer.  As Anna said, “It is great example of blue and white well done… not too fussy and not too contrived.”


Over at Little bits of Lovely on Thursday, Rachel also did a post on navy and white- the nautical look, in anticipation for Spring which looks like it might be coming early here in Sydney… Fingers crossed!

After reading all these posts on blue and white it got me thinking about blue and white… Blue is probably one of the most versatile colours, with so many different shades and endless combinations there is a blue to suit everyone’s taste. For me I love the vibrant blues- turquoise, aqua and electric blue, but I also love the way a really deep navy pops against white.


Blue’s combine beautifully with silver and chrome finishes for a glamorous modern look, but also pair perfectly with copper, and bronze, and I love blue with tan leather to create a charming and refined interior space.


I LOVE this look!


Is blue back? What are your thoughts? Do you have much blue in your house? We have a lot of blue, as the only furniture that was in the house when I moved in with Sam was a blue sofa, and somehow that has spread through the rest of the house, though in different shades of aqua and navy, with touches of lime and white for contrast.


Have a wonderful weekend!


We’re off to a 3rd birthday party now!


Rochelle xxx

 Image Credits- 1- Belle Maison, 2-Absolutely Beautiful Things, 3- Little bits of Lovely, 4-Styled Haven, 5-Houzz

2 thoughts on “Thinking Blue

    1. Yes, the last image is also my favourite… I am hoping one day when my house is comeplete it may look something like this. Crisp, modern, with a touch of charm. I have a real soft spot for tan leather… It’s very evident in my shoes and bags, I just haven’t found ‘that’ chair yet!

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